What Amethyst Means: The Complete Guide

What Amethyst Means: The Complete Guide

Amethyst is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone with many healing properties. Many believe it is the stone of spirituality and contentment. This article will explore what Amethyst means and its healing and mystical properties.

You'll learn about its origin, symbolism, and how it's being used today, including for spiritual healing and protection. So, if you want to discover this stone's hidden power and purpose, read on!

Several crystals are pictured alongside amethyst include Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz

The Best Crystals to Combine and Use with Amethyst 

Combining Amethyst with other crystal energies amplifies its strength and creates a powerful combination.


For millennia, healers and spiritual leaders have paired Amethyst with other crystals to create powerful energy combinations that can help bring peace, abundance, and stability into one's life.


Here are some of the best crystals to combine with Amethyst to create these powerful energy combinations and bring balance into your life:


Clear Quartz


Clear quartz is known as a "master healer" and amplifies the energies of any crystals paired with it, including Amethyst. It is believed to heighten spiritual awareness, promoting clarity and focus and creating a powerful connection to the divine. 




This protective stone forms a dynamic duo with Amethyst, combining its powerful energies to help ward off negative energy and bring calmness, balance, and self-awareness. 


Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and helps bring harmony, understanding, and compassion. When combined with Amethyst, it creates a powerful combination that encourages personal growth and helps attract more love and abundance into one's life.


To learn more about Rose Quartz, read our blog, The Spiritual Properties of Rose Quartz


The combinations of Amethyst with these and other crystals are powerful tools that can help bring peace, balance, and stability into one's life. Whether you're a spiritual seeker or looking for balance in your life, combining Amethyst with these other crystals will create a powerful and meaningful energy combination to help you reach your goals.

Amethyst as a Birthstone

Amethyst, as a birthstone, is said to be an invaluable gift to anyone born in February or otherwise born under the sign of Aquarius.
From a fashion perspective, Amethyst is a gorgeous stone used to create rings, necklaces, and other jewelry that can be worn day-to-day. As a birthstone, it can be a fantastic way to commemorate someone's birthday and show a special connection between the wearer and the person gifting it.

In recent years, Amethyst has become increasingly popular and sought after because it is an easily accessible and affordable gemstone. People from all walks of life enjoy the beauty and power of this gemstone. Whether the stone is presented to one particular person or everyone born under the Aquarius sign, it will surely bring a feeling of joy and appreciation to the recipient.

An amethyst necklace against a clear background.

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Why You Should Wear Amethyst Jewelry

With its vibrant purple hue, this dazzling gemstone has become a popular choice for everyday fashion and has been embraced by celebrities and influencers alike. But what does wearing Amethyst jewelry mean – and why should you do it?
Amethyst geode being held in model's hand

Amethyst jewelry has more practical benefits – beyond its stunning look and relaxing powers. The gemstone is said to increase positivity and motivation in its wearer, promoting creativity and confidence and aiding one in their journey to stay true to themselves. For those struggling with mental health issues, Amethyst's ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression can make all the difference. This is why so many have adopted Amethyst jewelry as a fashionable statement. Whether it's a simple bracelet or a statement necklace, the beauty of this striking gemstone is undeniable. For crystal lovers and fashionistas alike, amethyst jewelry adds a touch of elegance and vibrancy to any look. Wearing Amethyst jewelry doesn't just bring beauty; it is also a meaningful reminder to take charge of your life and manifest your destiny. The gemstone's calming and stabilizing power helps to keep you focused on the present moment and ensures that you are living life with intention.

So why should you wear Amethyst jewelry? Not only for its beauty and powerful history but for its ability to bring healing, motivation, and protection to its wearer. Whether used as a tool for spiritual awakening or a fashionable piece to complete your look, Amethyst jewelry is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.


The symbolism of Amethyst has been appreciated for many millennia, from ancient civilizations to the present day. We've explored what Amethyst means by its association with the idea of spiritual growth and protection, both of which represent the idea of personal growth and self-empowerment.


A perfect gift for any special occasion, Amethyst brings peace and clarity to the recipient, reminding them that whatever their current situation is, they have access to the divine. Let us open our minds to the spiritual realm and the power of Amethyst.


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